Why the Name?

So why did I choose the name Black By Color Only? On October 16, 1995 (my 27th birthday), a historical event took place known as "The Million Man March", led by the so-called minister Louis Farrakhan. The black community, for the most part, was moved with pride at the event. I, however, was unimpressed at the event, being that I like being an individual who doesn't like to cater to the collective thought of a race of individuals. Anyway, some time afterwards, I read an editorial in the local paper praising the recent event, so I decided to respond and give my point of view of the MMM. A few days later, my article appeared in the editorial and, a few more days later, a couple of people responded. One of them lamented that I said I was black--apparently by color only. It was then that I was struck by inspiration. What if I had some kind of program or forum, or whatever, titled Black By Color Only? That would be--how should I say it--cool! It has taken a while, but the inspiration has now materialized into this blog. Hopefully, in the future, it could materialize into something bigger.

Just to let you know a little about me:

I am a firm believer in the Bible and the deity of Jesus Christ.

Although I don't consider myself Republican or Democrat, I tend to favor a conservative point of view.

I believe this country should be run according to our Constitution.

I favor the Fair Tax in which the current tax code (and the IRS) will be eliminated and replaced by a consumer based tax.

I don't vote in favor of my wallet but in favor of morals and principles.

Just because I'm black doesn't mean I hold to the point of view of mainstream black America.

I believe racism is as big a problem in the black community as it is in the white community, and maybe more so.

The above statements get me in trouble with my fellow black "bruthas" who believe I should think like them. They proceed to call me a white lover, an Uncle Tom, and a sellout. Hey, when you throw a brick into a pack of dogs, the one you hit is the one that yelps the loudest.

I hope that you will get something meaningful from this blog. If you want to get even more about what I believe in, tune in to blogtalkradio.com/blackbycoloronly to hear my online radio program. I hope you have a good time visiting and I hope to see you on the rebound.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"We are the Liberals; you will be assimilated!"

Have you ever watched that sci-fi TV show "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and been introduced to that race known as the Borg? "We are the Borg", they would say. "You will be assimilated!" That's kind of what it's like in politics, mostly from the liberal persuasion. The liberals remind me of those bullies in school who like to make fun of others who don't think like them. The only way you'll be accepted is to conform to their way of thinking and if you don't you become subject to beration, teasing, picking, and, well...bullying. The liberals have a take-over sense of mentality and if you don't conform to their way of thinking, you are considered part of the lunatic fringe; you're a freak, an invalid, a misfit. The libs. love to point the finger at conservatives and Christians to accuse them of wrongdoing but look the other way when they are caught up in the same accusations (I advise you to read "You Don't Say" by Fred Gielow to see the evidence of liberal hypocrisy). The liberals/Democrats love to criticize everyone for what they say or do and don't bat an eye. However, let a conservative or, even worse, a Christian criticize someone, and listen to the outrage. Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton will say some off-the-cuff remark and the libs. shrug it off. On the other hand, let Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter say something they don't agree with and, oh my goodness! "Rush Limbaugh is a racist! Ann Coulter has no compassion! Sean Hannity is mean!" The libs. get up in arms about Fox News giving a balanced newscast, calling it "conservative" and "biased". However, the libs. have had control over ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the like for decades giving their liberal slant on the news everyday. The liberals think the only point of view that matters is their own.

The problem, however, lies not with the liberals. The problem lies with the Republicans, conservatives, and so-called Christians who seem to be joining the ranks of the liberal elites. As I am writing this, I am aware of one-time Republican, Arlen Specter, joining the ranks of the Democrats. This isn't surprising since Mr. Specter hardly resembled a Republican during his years in the party. Others include Newt Gingrich, Colin Powell, even Michael Steele, in whom I was disappointed when he started spouting off the same liberal talking points not long after he became the head of the RNC. In this day and time, it is becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat or between a conservative and a liberal. The conservatives are being assimilated into the ranks of the liberals. I'm afraid that if the trend continues as it is today, soon there will be no conservatives or Republicans; they'll go the way of the dinosaurs.

Those of us who are Christians shouldn't be following a political party, anyway. We should follow the instructions contained in the Word of God (the Bible). I'm not saying Christians shouldn't vote, as that is our privilege as American citizens. However, we shouldn't vote for someone who is morally-impaired. In other words, we should vote our principles, not consensus.

We should continue to fight for our rights in this country and uplift the standards that our Founding Fathers set up in the founding of this country. Finally, if you are going about your business and happen to encounter the Borg's ship, fight with whatever you've got to keep from being assimilated.

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