Why the Name?

So why did I choose the name Black By Color Only? On October 16, 1995 (my 27th birthday), a historical event took place known as "The Million Man March", led by the so-called minister Louis Farrakhan. The black community, for the most part, was moved with pride at the event. I, however, was unimpressed at the event, being that I like being an individual who doesn't like to cater to the collective thought of a race of individuals. Anyway, some time afterwards, I read an editorial in the local paper praising the recent event, so I decided to respond and give my point of view of the MMM. A few days later, my article appeared in the editorial and, a few more days later, a couple of people responded. One of them lamented that I said I was black--apparently by color only. It was then that I was struck by inspiration. What if I had some kind of program or forum, or whatever, titled Black By Color Only? That would be--how should I say it--cool! It has taken a while, but the inspiration has now materialized into this blog. Hopefully, in the future, it could materialize into something bigger.

Just to let you know a little about me:

I am a firm believer in the Bible and the deity of Jesus Christ.

Although I don't consider myself Republican or Democrat, I tend to favor a conservative point of view.

I believe this country should be run according to our Constitution.

I favor the Fair Tax in which the current tax code (and the IRS) will be eliminated and replaced by a consumer based tax.

I don't vote in favor of my wallet but in favor of morals and principles.

Just because I'm black doesn't mean I hold to the point of view of mainstream black America.

I believe racism is as big a problem in the black community as it is in the white community, and maybe more so.

The above statements get me in trouble with my fellow black "bruthas" who believe I should think like them. They proceed to call me a white lover, an Uncle Tom, and a sellout. Hey, when you throw a brick into a pack of dogs, the one you hit is the one that yelps the loudest.

I hope that you will get something meaningful from this blog. If you want to get even more about what I believe in, tune in to blogtalkradio.com/blackbycoloronly to hear my online radio program. I hope you have a good time visiting and I hope to see you on the rebound.

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Friday, May 25, 2012


Barrack Obama met with the Queen of England. 

He asked her, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? What tips can you give to me?"

"Well," said the Queen, "the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people."

Obama frowned, and then asked, "But how do I know the people around are really intelligent?"

The Queen took a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy; you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle."
The Queen pushed a button on her intercom. "Please send Tony Blair in here, would you?"

Tony Blair walked into the room and said, "Yes, Your Majesty?"

The Queen smiled and said, "Answer me this please, Tony, your mother and father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?"

Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answered, "That would be me."
"Yes! Very good," said the Queen.

Obama went back home to ask Joe Biden, his vice presidential choice the same question. "Joe, answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who is it?"

"I'm not sure," said Biden. "Let me get back to you on that one." He went to his advisors and asked every one, but none could give him an answer

Finally, Biden ran into Sarah Palin out eating one night. Biden asked, "Sarah, can you answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it's not your brother or your sister. Who is it?"

Sarah Palin answered right back, "That's easy, it's me!"

Biden smiled, and said, "Thanks!" Then, he went back to speak with Obama. "Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle. It's Sarah Palin!"

Obama got up, stomped over to Biden, and angrily yelled into his face, "No! You idiot! It's Tony Blair!"


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who Wants Ice Cream?

In honor of the President of the United States, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: Barocky Road. Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes. The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow. The cost is $92.84 per scoop...so out of a hundred dollar bill you are at least promised some CHANGE..! 
When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but after you pay for it, the ice cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you at no charge. 
You are left with an almost empty wallet, staring at an empty cone and wondering what just happened. Then you realize this is what "redistribution of wealth" is all about. 

Aren't you just stimulated?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The REAL Democrats

(Video Version:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UObEdF_uhaw )
I have done extensive research on the subject because at one point, I was a Democrat.  A few years ago, I was confronted with a fact that I knew to be false but after an investigation into the point, it turned out to be true.  It was that Martin Luther King was a Republican. 

This of course forced me to extend my research into other areas.  What else could this Political Science Major be unaware of?  The Truth became stranger than fiction.  The list is quite long so here we go.

President Kennedy had little intention of enacting a Comprehensive Civil Rights Law during his 2 years in office.  Tensions in society were running so high due to the riots and such that by the 1963 State of the Union address he had no other choice but to enact some kind of Law.  Mind you, for the previous 100 years, it had only been the Republican Party who had supported any Civil Rights Legislations (I was not aware of these facts until I was 35 years old);

13th Amendment:        100% Republican Support                             Abolished Slavery
                                    23% Democratic Support

14th Amendment         94% Republican Support                               Slaves to be Citizens
                                    0%   Democratic Support

15th Amendment         100% Republican Support                             Right to Vote for All
                                    0%     Democratic Support

CRA 1866                   Enacted by the Republican Party                   Equal Rights

CRA 1871                   Enacted by the Republican Party                   Anti-KKK

CRA 1875                   99% Republican Support                               Anti-Discrimination
                                    0%   Democratic Support

-----------It took another 82 years until the next Civil Rights Act---------
-----------The Democratic Party blocked every attempt to equalize citizens of color-----

CRA 1957                   Enacted by the Eisenhower (R) Administration
                                    Then Senator Kennedy Voted against this Bill
                                    Filibustered by Democrats

CRA 1960                   Enacted by the Eisenhower (R) Administration
                                    The final version was watered down by then Senator LBJ
                                    Filibustered by the Democrats

CRA 1964                   82% Republican Support
                                    63% Democratic Support

CRA 1965                   87% Republican Support
Voting Rights             75% Democratic Support

I do not want the “government” to treat me any differently than any other citizen.  Therefore, I consider equality of opportunity and equal voting rights to be the summation of Civil Rights in America.  If anything extra is afforded me or anyone else merely due to the color of their skin, I consider that to be an entitlement and patronizing. 

Given my above statement, the Democratic Party, even if you sectionalize them by North and South, has never outvoted the Republican Party in any Civil Rights Law…Ever.  The actual numbers play out like this;

Lifetime Republican Party support for Equal Rights for all Citizens:                     94%
Lifetime Democratic Party Support for Equal rights for all Citizens:                     35%

Now to the point of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  This was a proposal that the Republican Party, during the Eisenhower Administration attempted to put forth but alas, their efforts resulted in the first Civil Rights Law in the previous 82 years…The Civil Rights Act of 1957 formed a Commission on Civil Rights.  The Plan of the Commission was to eventually enact the very Comprehensive Law of 1964.  Remember, this was the Bill that Senator JFK voted against, for political aspirations I’m sure. 

JFK had his Justice department write the original Bill in early 1963.  The first version passed the House but stalled in the Senate.  Everett McKinley Dirksen (R), the minority leader in the Senate took it upon himself to REWRITE the entire Bill.  It took him 1 weekend and he had 2 helpers, 1 Democrat and another Republican. 

The final version of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was written by a Republican which means that since the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, every Civil Rights Law was written by a Republican with more Republican support than Democratic Party Support.

Due to Dirksen’s tenacity, a cloture vote was successful and the Senate passed the Bill.  It then passed the Houses and became Law.

Some notes about its passage;

Robert Byrd (D) filibustered the Bill…the longest filibuster in American History
William Fulbright (D) voted against the Bill.  He was Bill Clinton’s mentor.
Al Gore Sr. (D) voted against the Bill

Speaking to two Governors on Air Force One, then President LB Johnson was quoted saying, “"I'll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years." according Ronald Kessler's Book in relation to the Law.

So now let’s explore the Dixicrats.  This has always been misrepresented.  I wrote about it in my book, and I also made a video of it.  Here is the video:


The big question is, did the South really turn “Red” after the CRA of 1964?  Well, I researched that also and found the following conclusions.

Presidential Elections (covering “The Solid South”)
The 11 Former Confederate States

Year                            Blue States                                          Red States

1964                            6                                                          5
1968                            6 (Segregationist Wallace took 5)     5
1972                                                    Landslide
1976                                                    Landslide
1980                                                    Landslide
1984                                                    Landslide
1988                                                    Landslide
1992                            4                                                          7
1996                            4                                                          7
2000                            0                                                          11
2004                            0                                                          11
2008                            3                                                          8

At least in Presidential elections, the Solid South wasn’t so “solid” until at least the year 2000 or 36 years after the CRA of 1964.

Now let’s take a look at the Governorships.

Governorships since 1964
(The 11 former “Confederate States”)

State                            Blue                            Red      Years until a “Red” Gov. was elected

Georgia                       7                                  2                      39 years
Mississippi                  8                                  2                      28 years
Alabama                     9                                  3                      23 years
Louisiana                    6                                  4                      16 years
Texas                          5                                  4                      15 years
South Carolina            5                                  5                      11 years
Arkansas                     9                                  3                      9   years
North Carolina            7                                  2                      9   years
Tennessee                   5                                  4                      7   years
Virginia                       7                                  5                      6   years
Florida                        7                                  5                      3   years

Total                           75                                39

That’s almost 2 to 1 Blue over Red.  I looked at the facts and not the rhetoric. The facts point to a different conclusion all together.  The South did not become “Solid Red” after the CRA of 1964.

After finding out that both Martin Luther King Sr. and Jr. were Republicans, I tend to deal only in facts and not with what I’ve been told. 

Last Points

My former party, The Democratic Party says that they are for the “minority”.  In this case, I’ll just say “blacks”.  I believe in neither black nor minority but I defer to their thinking for this discussion.  If that’s the case, then how could the following piece of history have been erased?

Ninety-nine percent of the country does not know the name Hiram Rhodes Revels.  Here is his story and why the Democrats are not for “black” people.

At the end of the Civil War, Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, was captured and subsequently imprisoned for 2 years.  Prior to this time period, Mr. Davis was a Senator from the State of Mississippi.  In 1870, the State of Mississippi filled the vacant post of Mr. Davis with one Hiram Rhodes Revels.  The curious fact behind this exchange is that now Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels did not only replace the President of the Confederacy, but he was also the First Black Senator in U.S. History…and virtually nobody knows his name. 

One last point to explain this lack of universal knowledge…Jefferson Davis, The President of the Confederacy was a Democrat and his replacement, Senator Hiram Rhodes Revels, was a Republican.  Democratic leadership today will never share that history with their constituents of which I once was.  That led me to believe that the Democratic Party is more interested in my vote than the Truth.

It gets bit deeper.  13 former slaves became members of Congress between 1870 and 1901.  We as a nation killed our own citizens in a Civil War to FREE 4 Million slaves. 13 of those freed slaves became members of the U.S. Congress and the history books are silent to this fact.  640,000 Americans died in that war and the result was transformational yet, this groundbreaking and profound history is never taught in “left” leaning schools because it does not serve their agenda.  All 13 of the former slaves were Republicans.  I had to sift through the Library of Congress to reveal the following information…here it is for you in a video;


My belief is that the Party’s did not change.  The tactics changed.  They went from Pro-Slavery to Pro-Segregation to Pro-Entitlement, all of which results in nothing beneficial for the prosperity of an individual and is considered by many of my ilk, “Plantation Politics”. 

All I want is the Truth and to be treated as an equal, no more and no less; as an equal.  I do not need the Democratic Party telling me that I’m “black” or that I’m a minority who needs their assistance.  I am not a color.  I am Frantz Kebreau, an American Citizen.

For the Democratic Party, it has always been about “Control” over Freedom.  Keeping the Truth from it’s constituents in order to maintain control over them is not what I want from my “Party”

Revealing the Truth About the Democratic Party...On Video
 Frantz Kebreau
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Author of Stolen History
If you would like more information, please take a look at the “Stolen History” Book and Audio versions at the link below.


“The Truth Shall Set You Free!!”

Wash Post Journalist: 'Maybe the Founders Were Wrong' to Guarantee Free Exercise of Religion | NewsBusters.org

Wash Post Journalist: 'Maybe the Founders Were Wrong' to Guarantee Free Exercise of Religion | NewsBusters.org